African Kimono - ASC X SW

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Rich red red base with warm orange star print against white accents.

this warm red kimono has vibrant spicy orange colour tassels that makes this kimono an intense mix of reds and oranges that you cant help but fall in love with.

About the Collaboration -  The African Shirt Company X  Still Waters Studio:

Mixing the iconic kimono design of Still Waters Studio with the bold African Shirt Company kanga’s has resulted in ‘The African Kimono’. A unique and exclusive product that highlights the colourful prints and classic shapes derived from each brand’s identity.

This kimono is made in a village called Kitege in Kenya. Clara and Ruth are 2 locals we taught how to pattern cut and sew, they made this shirt.

Every kimono sold buys £1 worth of seedlings for the local communities' tree nursery, which contributes to reforesting the area.

About Me:

100% cotton African kanga fabric.

This shirt is part of a unique collection called The Kanga range where we make no more than 8 of any pattern!